The Voice - Jan 2012

Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 11:35PM

The Voice - Jan 2012

Speak Up

Imagine living in a communal setting, not the romantic hippee experience where you share and share alike, but one in which you seek refuge for safety. An alternative you wish you didn't have to seek. Then, imagine the generosity of strangers. People with no connection to your plight and to the people with intimate memories who thoughtfully gave and gave and gave. The generosity of our community made the holiday season bountiful for those in need. In this small space it is not possible to thank all the individuals and groups who rallied to sup-port the hundreds of peo-ple we have served in the past year. Thank you to the advertising agencies, church groups, attorney groups, cosmetic groups, restaurant chains, muse-ums, girl scouts, sororities, civic groups, social dubs and of course, individuals. Our cup runneth over. 

Speak Out

Navigating the labyrinth of government agencies, employment agencies & child care programs can be confusing and exhausting. Through an Emergecny Shelter Grant, the Domestic Abuse Council now has the resources and part-time staff to provide those services to shelter residents. Michelle Allen, the Support Services Case Manager provides emergency shel-ter residents with life-skills services that include employment counseling. Allen helps residents build resumes; she role-plays interviewing skills and assists with on-line job applications. Moreover, she offers assistance with finding permanent housing. Part of her re-sponsiblities include goal setting so the residents can start to become financially independent. Both residents and Allen wish she were available on a full-time basis. 

Speak Now

The Domestic Abuse Council received a grant from the Verizon Foundation to create a video and enhance the website to ad-dress preventing teen dating violence and to give teens a confidential resource to answer some of their ques-tions. The Domestic Abuse Council is partner-ing with Father Lopez Catholic High School to produce the video. The high school students will write, act and edit in the 10 minute video which will then be distributed to local high school guidance counselors and posted on the internet. Look for the link on our webiste in the late spring. "This is an awesome opportunity for the stu-dents.We are all thrilled to be able to collab-orate on this level," Derek Daly, TV produc-tion teacher with FLCHS said.

A new Beginning

Upwards of 85% of domestic violence victims witness animal cruelty in the home. More importantly, 48% of domestic violence survivors delay or won't leave their abuser because they don't have a safe place for their pets.

Hush Puppy Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides temporary foster homes for pets of domestic violence survivors while they are in shelter with the Domestic Abuse Council of Volusia County. By doing this, Hush Puppy Haven can help ease the emotional stress and worry of the survivor and the children in the family, knowing their pet will be well-cared for and loved while they begin the healing process, until they can be reunited.

Hush Puppy Haven and the Domestic Abuse Council look forward to bringing more victims of domestic violence and their pets to safety... because no one should have to choose between their own safety and the life of their beloved pet. For more information on Hush Puppy Haven, go to www.hushpuppyhaven.orq

Shop Till You Drop Domestic Abuse Council Thrift Store

Thank you to all of our generous donors.

The community has been generous to say the least, and we are responding by offering a variety of sales. We had a bag sale, which means customers were able to fill a bag of cer-tain types of merchandise for $4.00. That was a tremendous hit. In fact, the parking lot was full and for Black Friday, we had super sales to rival the large superstore outlets. 

Thank you to all of our loyal customers.

We are expanding our offer of merchandise by using Craig's List for selected specialty items. Check us out there too. Join us on Facebook as a fan!

Donor benefits:

  • DAC Emergency Shelter Residents receive necessary items free of charge.
  • Donors get a 10% coupon off their next shopping visit.
  • Donations for other DAC programs including the shelter, children's items or homeless women in transitional housing and more can be dropped off at the thrift store. 


335 Beville Rd. South Daytona, FL 32119 (386)761-3166

Store Hours 10:00AM - 6:00PM Monday-Friday and 10-6 Saturday

We have constant needs. Call to learn our latest donor drive. No furniture, please.

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