Madi Apparel press release

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Madi Apparel press release

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October 31, 2014
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Lynn Kaiser Conrad

Madi Apparel, a ladies underwear manufacturing company with headquarters in New Smyrna Beach and Kansas City has donated 15 pair of underpants to the Domestic Abuse Council for residents in shelter. Madi is an acronym for “Make A Difference Intimate Apparel.” For each pair of panties purchased Madi will donate a pair to a woman in a shelter.

The company started selling on-line in August 2014. The panties are made from bamboo because of the long lasting principles of the fabric.

Underpants are the most intimate piece of clothing a woman can wear, so they need to feel special,” Said Molly Ray, the Director of Development for Madi Apparel.

According to Hayley Besheer, the founder and CEO, five nonprofits across the country have been the beneficiaries of donated underwear. The first run produced 3,500 pair of underpants. The panties are durable, soft, hand and machine washable and odor preventing, according to Besheer. She states the panties can be hand washed, air dried overnight and ready to wear the next day.

We want people to think of underwear in a different way. These panties are long-lasting. We call them non-disposable. They are not just wear and tear and throw away.” Besheer said.

People can purchase underwear from their website and can designate their donations to the Domestic Abuse Council,

To learn more about Domestic Abuse Council go to The Domestic Abuse Hotline is 1-800-500-1119.

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