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The reasons individuals make charitable donations can be as varied as the donors themselves. Some give because they have a personal commitment to the cause - they may know a relative, friend, or employee who has been the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault. They may give because of a more general desire to assist those in need who are less fortunate than themselves - to share the good fortune they have in life. Still others give not because they have great personal wealth, but because they have a compassionate heart and it feels good to help others.

Welcome To The Domestic Abuse Council

Our mission is to provide quality trauma-informed, empowerment- based services to survivors of domestic violence while working with community partners to ensure safety and justice for all survivors and their children.

Our Values
    • We believe that healthy families and relationships create a stronger community.
    • We respect and honor each survivor’s path and encourage individual strengths through empowerment.
    • We strive to create an atmosphere where survivor's voices are heard and responded to appropriately.
    • We value diversity and embrace each individual's experience while providing culturally responsive services.
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It's easy, fun, rewarding and a way to stay active, busy and meet lots of new people. Just about anyone-Welcome! Our volunteers are the backbone of our agency; we couldn't function without them! There is something just right for everyone. Read on to learn more and how to get started.

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We need your voice in the community. Teens, grandmothers, grandfathers, families, corporate and civic organizations, church groups, boy/girl scouts--all are welcome. Diversity is the key--we also need volunteers who are culturally diverse and bi-lingual in English and any other language. 

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