The reasons individuals make charitable donations can be as varied as the donors themselves. Some give because they have a personal commitment to the cause – they may know a relative, friend, or employee who has been the survivor of domestic violence. They may give because of a more general desire to assist those in need who are less fortunate than themselves – to share the good fortune they have in life. Still, others give not because they have great personal wealth, but because they have a compassionate heart and it feels good to help others.

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We are often asked, “What does your shelter need?” The best answer is to look at the items you use every day in your home. That is what we need. Due to the number of individuals who enter the emergency shelter, there are some items that we always need to replenish every month. We hope the following wish list will give you an idea of the items you could donate.


Shelter supplies

Twin sheets & blankets

New pillows

Pillow cases

Blow dryers

Hair straighteners

New shower curtains

Bath & Hand towels/Wash cloths

Alarm clocks

Child & Adult bus passes

Light bulbs

Cleaning supplies

Paper towels/toilet paper

Ziploc bags

Plates, cups, utensils

Garbage bags (all sizes)

Hand soap/anti-bacterial wipes


Personal Care Items Full Size

Shampoo & Conditioners (all hair types)




Hair dye

Feminine Hygiene items

Soap/Body wash

Razors (men/women)

Brushes, Picks, Combs

Hair Accessories

Reading glasses



Child & Adult underwear/bras


Food Items

Milk, eggs, cheese, bread

Coffee/coffee supplies

Fresh fruit/vegetables

Packaged meats


Hot dogs


General Items

Cash donations

Gift cards/gas cards

Journal/spiral notebooks

Bus passes (child/adult)

Playing cards


Infant/Child Items


Breast pumps

Crib sheets

Baby blankets

Cloth diapers

High chair/seats

Car seats


Sippy cups

Snack cups


Diaper bags

Baby clothes

Coloring books/crayons

Baby toys

School supplies/backpacks

Formula/baby food



OTC Medications for adults & children

First aid kits



Pregnancy tests


Hurricane items

Bottled water



Ready to eat food

Snack items

Weather radio

Batteries (all sizes)

Please contact us via email at to find out more about dropping off your donations. 

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