Our CEO: Kirsten Pindar

Fri, Mar 01, 2024 at 1:15PM

Kirsten Pindar is the Chief Executive Officer of the Domestic Abuse Council where she works with Survivors of Domestic Violence in Volusia County.

Kirsten went to school in Albany NY, where she studied Law and Psychology with a concentration in counseling. During her time in college she became a certified rape crisis counselor which spawned her passion for her future career.

Post-graduation Kirsten worked with individuals with HIV/AIDs, Individuals with disabilities, Intensive behaviors, mental health, Substance abuse and Domestic Violence and Rape Recovery. 

Kirsten has a true passion for working with survivors of domestic violence and rape recovery and feels that there is a great need to raise awareness for the many men, women and children that are not only impacted but can make a difference to break the cycle. 

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