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We are a not-for-profit agency that provides emergency shelter and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence. Nearly anything it takes to run a business, run a home, or provide survivor advocacy to our clients, you can do as a volunteer. Any volunteer who provides direct services will take a required twenty-four hour training course and pass a background screening to work directly with the shelter residents, receive crisis calls or assist with the court advocacy program.
You may also provide assistance as an intern, helping with projects and fundraising events, provide clerical and computer support, advertising, landscaping, building maintenance, plan activities for shelter clients, collect donations for our shelter and the thrift store, help in the Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. Thrift Shop, serve as a Board Member, be an advocate for social, political, and legal change to benefit survivors, and provide community education... the list goes on and on. We encourage our volunteers to bring their ideas to us, as well.

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